Mindset Resilience

Ever wondered why some people sail through life and others go up and down and round in circles, like a yo-yo on a string?

Today’s blog is all about mindset, and some of the strategies that you might like to use to develop your resilient mindset, so that you too can sail through life with the ease and grace of an acrobat.

So what is a resilient mindset, and why is it important

to successfully navigate your way through life?

Mindset itself is simply your way of thinking and the opinions you hold. It’s a frame of mind that forms beliefs and drives behaviour, and can shape your habits, for better or for worse.

What is really interesting is that everything that you know as an adult, that is a part of your mindset, has either been taught to you in life by your parents, your family, your community or experienced by you in your own way, through your maps and filters as a unique personality.

Think about your brothers and sisters or friends that you have, some of them are naturally more outgoing and extroverted, others not so. Perhaps they are more inward focused or shy and introverted.

Each of us thinks in a different way.

We all know those people who are the eternal optimist. You know, the glass-is-always-half-full kind of person and those who are the more cautious, glass-is-half-empty kind? And to be honest, it is best to be both, a bit optimistic and relatively cautious at times, depending on the decision or situation in front of you. A wise person understands the difference.

Have you ever had a major relationship breakup that took some time to overcome? This is perhaps the appropriate time to take that more slow and steady, cautious kind of mindset approach, rather than waltzing right on out there hoping the next relationship will fix the problem of loneliness and a broken heart.

In the same vain, if you have ever been retrenched from a company due to managerial restructuring or business closure, perhaps it’s best to get right back on the horse and find your next career move asap or take the step to start your own business in your area of expertise, rather than sitting around being overwhelmed for the next six to twelve months going broke using all your savings.

I have worked with many clients over the years, which have had these experiences. Women, who have been devastated emotionally and financially after their marriage ended, women, who had to return to the workforce to support themselves and their children. Women, who were quite capable, yet now finding themselves feeling stuck, not able to think clearly or make decisions and caught in a mindset of anxiety and overwhelm, unable to bounce back into life.

You see it’s not about having a perfect winners mindset all of the time, or never being scared of making mistakes, never feeling overwhelmed at times.

It’s about resilience. It’s about how we get up after the fall that matters.

Because in life, love and in business, there will be falls, there is no doubt about that, and that’s ok. That’s life.

If you haven’t been taught how to be resilient or it’s a skill you’re not as good at as you would like to be, don’t worry. You can learn how to develop and strengthen that mindset.

Resilience is simply the ability to recover quickly or to bounce back from difficult conditions.

Learning how to handle life with a resilient mindset is like learning the skill to become a trapeze artist. First, it’s best to find someone who can teach you the skills. Someone who can show you how courageous you can be. How to find your balance, your rhythm and timing, how to roll when you fall and most importantly, how to get up again, knowing you will get the hang of it soon and you will be flying through the air with the greatest of ease trusting the safety net beneath you.

Learning to cultivate the mindset you want in life,

is your safety net.

Here are a few things you can do, to help reset your mind to be resilient when you feel yourself starting to go up and down and round in circles, so that you can cut through the string of the yo-yo life and start to sail once more with ease and grace.

  • Create the daily habit of quiet, mindful downtime. 5 minutes is all that you need.
    • Sit in the sun, meditate, read something inspirational, take a walk, stretch the body, breathe deeply, daydream
  • Create 3 powerful affirmations and read them before sleep.
    • Everyday in everyway I am getting better and better (Emile Coue)
    • All is well in my world, I am safe, only good awaits me (Louise Hay)
    • What ever happens, I can handle it
  • Create a positive reminder or two in your phone to come up daily
    • I release all restrictions, I am free to be me
    • I remember that I am enough
    • I release uncertainty

Remember to connect with me on Facebook and let me knowwhat is one thing you are going to implement as a result of this post to build your resilient mindset?

Until next time, Be Inspired and Live Your Change.

Be Your Resilient You.