Musings of a Mind Coach

The way you respond to life has a lot to do with how your brain is wired.

Your brain, together with all of its information, maps and filters, just like your DNA is coded uniquely as you. The way you think and feel, the way you handle life is unique to you. How amazing is that?

There is no one else in the world like you!

You may notice if you have siblings that even though you come from the same parents, you handle things differently to them. And to be honest, we are not meant to be the same either. It is amazing how many people spend so much time comparing themselves to others! (and not in a good way)

So never be too hard on yourself. Remember you are uniquely you.

Science used to think the brain was static and once you became an adult was set like stone, but now they know the brain is ‘neuroplastic’. Its flexible and continually making new neural pathways, which is fantastic because this means there is now evidence to show that you can change how your mind is wired .

Every time you learn something new, the brain is making new connections. So whatever you have learned along the way in life, if that no longer works for you, you can unlearn it.

You can learn ‘how’ to change the way you think and the way you feel. And you can definitely change the way you behave, especially when it comes to dealing with the curved balls that life likes to throw into our lives.

Here’s a few tips that will help when change comes uninvited into your life, especially if it’s not the high-fiving, high adventure type of change that you hoped for

  • Remind yourself it’s only change, whatever happens you can learn how to handle it
  • This too shall pass…. eventually, so remember to breathe. It calms the nervous system down and helps with the stress. Go for a walk, unwind
  • Remember you are not alone when it comes to change, it happens to us all
  • Change can be stressful, so please take care of yourself – eat well as best you can and get plenty of rest, even if you can’t sleep
  • Get support you if need it

If you get stuck,  let’s chat to see how Hypnosis may help you…

I have been so honoured as a Hypnotherapist & Mind Coach to work with so many clients over the past 20 years witnessing their growth and their changes. Absolutely beautiful!

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to support you in times of unexpected change and when you want to change something about how you think or feel, and the results are often bemusing to say the least.

Remember:  Be Inspired and Live Your Change!