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Stress is a normal part of everyday life, however sometimes, stress becomes too much for us to handle and we find ourselves constantly feeling anxious, worried and concerned; or feeling overwhelmed to the point where we feel as if we can't cope anymore.

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Counselling can help you to understand what is going on for you and help you to reset the mind so you can go forward in a different way, back on your feet feeling calm, confident and in control again.


Feeling overwhelmed, flat, unmotivated and unable to cope with the simplest things in life?

Do you feel like you are losing the plot and can't stop crying?

Are you staying in bed and hoping  the problems will go away?

Are you unable to get back into life after some shock, trauma, incident?

Depression is all too common these days for many adults and now children and teenagers are on the growing list of those being prescribed anti-depressants to cope with the pressures of life.


Ever had that feeling where your stomach is all tied up in knots?

Feel sick and can't eat?

Do you lie awake in bed at night worrying?

Are you scared or afraid to meet new people, speak in a group, drive somewhere on your own or go for a new job?

Do you bite your nails or pick at your lips?

Is your jaw sore from grinding your teeth at night?

Anxiety comes in many forms for both adults and children, sometimes expressed as recurring bad dreams or night terrors.

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