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It's Time to LIVE your life! 

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Counselling for Individuals, Couples, Children and Teenagers

If something is not working for you in your life, or in your relationships; come and explore what could be done differently.

  • Take the opportunity to talk with someone who listens objectively, who understands how you feel
  • Gain clarity and understanding about your goals, dreams, values and what holds you back
  • Feel unconditionally supported without judgement
  • Step outside the box and see things from a new perspective 
  • Learn new tools to handle things differently
  • Gain the knowledge that gives you different choices so you know what to do
  • Find Solutions that work for you

Counselling is about learning to ask the great questions and having the courage to learn to do differently...

So, what are you so afraid of?

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

What could you do differently?

What are you resisting that you know you need to do?

What if you took control rather than just let things happen?

In Counselling everything is confidential, no matter what the problem is.

Remember, If you keep doing the same thing, you can only expect the same results 

With support and encouragement... anything is possible, if you choose!

Servicing the Hawkesbury for the past 13 years

Helping You 

Your Relationships

Your Children 

Don't waste a moment of your life,

Come and learn how to make those changes that you desire

Live the life you dream, 

You are worth it!

 Take a chance, spread your wings and fly...

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